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Ancestral beauty secrets adapted to the modern world...

Ivindo is inspired directly by Gabon’s equatorial rainforests, known as our planet’s second lung.  These forests shelter exceptional biodiversity protected within the Ivindo National Park, an UNESCO Natural World Heritage site. It is home to indigenous fauna and flora, as well as magnificent landscapes, one of the last intact populations of forest elephant and impressive waterfalls. At Ivindo, we care deeply about protecting our planet and returning to the purer and more respectful values given to us within nature.

Our collection of 6 products, based on natural, authentic ingredients, are designed for the modern woman.  Developed with French know-how, our range of skincare combines ancestral knowledge with modern technology. We combined anti-ageing, anti-pollution, multi-moisturising, rejuvenating, soothing and unifying elements that moisturise and protect dry and sensitive skin. Our organic essential oils have been selected meticulously for their multiple virtues.

Ivindo also supports local Gabonese Women associations as well as environmental protection and education associations.

Organic certified cosmetics

In November 2017, Ivindo became one of the first brands certified by the new COSMOS label (COSMetic Organic Standard). This label certifies that our products are free of synthetic dyes, silicones and petrochemicals, that they have also not been tested on animals and contain at least 98% of ingredients of natural origin, and that the packaging is biodegradable or recyclable.

COSMOS certification is a private standard developed by five founding members (BDIH in Germany, ICEA in Italy, Soil Association in Great Britain, ECOCERT Greenlife SAS and Cosmebio in France). Mandatory for all new organic cosmetics since 1 January 2017, this label makes it possible to harmonize all existing standards and to promote the value of organic and ecological cosmetics.

COSMOS ORGANIC Label is issued by ECOCERT GREENLIFE in accordance with COSMOS requirements. See for more information.




Our Luxury Organic Skincare Range for all types of skin


Our Story

The story of Ivindo is intimately linked to its founder, Franco-Gabonese Florence Roux. A lover of nature, Florence grew up surrounded by some of the biggest trees on the African continent: the Okoumé, Iroko & Moabi.  These giants are located in the Ivindo National Park, named after the mighty Ivindo river that flows through the land, giving water to the park’s residents, essential source of life: quenching and anti dryness.

Florence used to explore the forest with her grandfather, a traditional healer, who taught her the healing secrets of the local fauna.  In today’s modern world, this precious knowledge is being lost ….despite it being needed now more than ever as our lives get faster and more pressured, our cities more polluted and we rush to save our planet by returning to a more traditional, balanced and natural way of life.  Florence’s passion for Gabonese culture and her desire to find place in today’s modern world to give new life to traditional, natural values is the driving force behind these products.

Ivindo is also the outcome of Florence’s personal fight. Florence suffers from skin dryness. City life has affected her skin and disrupted her wellness. She decided to undertake her own research to create an organic product range that could moisture, rejuvenate and protect dry and sensitive skins against pollution and city life stress.

In 2017, she created with a French laboratory, the first cosmetics brand labelled as organic and found a solution to dry and sensitive skins. Ivindo was eventually launched in London, Paris and Libreville.

Florence’s grand-father
Florence’s grand-father
Florence Roux
Florence Roux

Ivindo Secrets and News

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Ivindo is ethical and solidaire

Ivindo locally supports Gabonese Women associations such as “Le comptoir du souvenir”. Making handicrafts, they provide work for isolated and unemployed women, to give them dignity and financial a ...

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Shea butter

This butter, rich in unsaponifiable and vitamins E and F, has long been the only cosmetic for African women. In Gabon this butter comes from Moabi, a cousin of shea butter. Moabi, used in cosmetics fo ...

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Orange blossom

Also called “Neroli”, named after the Princess of Neroli who gave it a therapeutic use as early as the 16th century, it is said to have regenerating and soothing virtues. Symbol of purity ...

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Aloe Vera

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