Aloe Vera

Used by the Mayas, its many benefits have been longer proved over the years (moisturizing, regenerating, healing). In order to preserve the active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) naturally present, the extract is obtained by cold pressing.

  • The precursor of modern medicine such as Pliny the Elder, Aristote or Hippocrate already discovered the multiple qualities of this plant. They used it mostly to: improve blood flow, help capricious intestine, relieve pain from an ulcer, heal blows and wounds, from its benefit for the skin, for skin repair and skin embellishment.
  • The success of the Aloe vera in the United-States really started when scientist noticed that a lot of Hiroshima and Nagasaki healed their skin with aloe vera.
  • Mayans called this Aloe vera “fountain of youth” and “source of youth”.
  • Besides donkey female milk, Cleopatra used to massage daily with an aloe vera gel who had emollients property and rejuvenate the skin naturally. The legend also says the radiance to the complexion was due to the usage of this gel. Cleopatra used aloe vera as well as an eye drops, to enhance her look.
  • Saint Thomas, physician, could introduce aloe vera in India; the plant broke into Indochina and China where it was already known and used in the XVIth century
  • The fresh plant has been –according to some old books- used with success to remove unwanted moles, shingles, and as a mixture against diabetes, stomach ache, asthma and eczema.
  • Alexander the Great and Christopher Columbus used it to treat soldiers’ wounds.
  • In 1930, Collins proved that aloe vera could decrease the consequences of radiation.